Northeastern University Organizes the 2020 Liaoning Provincial Undergraduate Physics Tournament

作者:编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2020-06-12浏览次数:11

On June 6, the first stage of the 6th Liaoning Undergraduate Physics Tournament was kicked off on the cloud end, hosted by Liaoning Provincial Physics Society and organized by Northeastern University. 323 teams from 17 universities of the province participated in the competition, with a number of 935 participants.

The competition adopts the test questions of the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT). The participants finished preparations at home, and participated in debates online. The competition was divided into 15 debate teams, which went on at the same time and were respectively scored by 45 judges. Each debate team was guided by the volunteers into the site to participate in the debate. After 4 hours of fierce competition, finally the judge panel selected 41 winners of first prize, 82 winners of second prize and 125 winners of third prize. Northeastern University dispatched 17 teams to the competition, and finally won 8 first prizes and 9 second prizes.

It’s reported that the second stage of the competition (debate competition) will be held in the last third of July.

Link: China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (CUPT) is a national event run by China by referring to the model of the International Young Physicists’ Tournament, and one of the important university innovation competitions in the practice of the national innovation driven development strategy guideline and the national mid-and-long-term development guideline of education. This competition is a physics competition adopting the form of team competition based on the philosophy of collaboration and innovation, with an aim to foster the students’ open thinking and enhance their comprehensive ability to apply the knowledge they’ve learned to analyze and solve actual physics issues. Since launched in 2015, the event has become a good platform for the physics academic exchange among students of different universities across Liaoning Province.

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